Elevate Your Instagram Marketing with 9 Tools

Elevate Your Instagram Marketing with 9 Tools

By Kai Aranda

Over the years, Instagram has increasingly become a major necessity in sustaining a business, as well as its marketing management. It has been revealed that over 80% of Instagram users happily follow the businesses they’re interested in. They await and enjoy every scheduled post lined up from its content pipeline--most, if not all, are visually impressive. Instagram solely is an amazing app, but using some auxiliary tools to leverage your use of the platform will accelerate your brand’s growth and make the entire marketing process a whole lot lighter and faster.

The following tools below will help you reach the maximum potential of your business as you establish an amicable relationship with your customers. Are you ready for it? Let’s go!

1. Iconosquare

As their tagline puts it, “Uncover the secrets in your social media analytics,” Iconosquare tracks followers’ growth, engagement scores, the most liked post, the most commented on post. It even suggests when the best time to upload is, along with all other important data that will enable you to meet all your goals for your business marketing. The coolest feature of this tool is informing you what the best content will be, which your followers will engage with. Being consistent is sometimes difficult to maintain, but Iconosquare can help you in keeping up with your posting timeline by allowing you to schedule them in advance.

2. Like2Buy

Don’t just aim to drive traffic, drive revenue! With Like2Buy, you can take your customers beyond feed viewing aka window shopping. This tool enables them to take an action of purchasing as they are led to a gallery of shoppable items on Instagram with a link to your website where they can buy products. Your followers can also save photos of items that they like for reference of future shopping on the “My Likes” tab.

3. We Grow Social

The more followers you have, the more exposure you will get. We Grow Social brings the right people and exploits business opportunities for you as they do target marketing. Reach your next milestone with the best services they offer! In an instant, you can turn hundreds into thousands of followers. Waste no precious time and make big profit through growing your brand and building your social influence with one of your most reliable tools, We Grow Social.

4. Crowdfire

Crowdfire simply does most of the work for you. It is a social media managing tool that finds and suggests the most optimal posts that your followers would love to see on their feed. It allows you to schedule posts in advance, saving tons of your time and effort! You are able to customize posts for all your profiles without crafting one after the other for the account. It makes website maintenance easier for you as it keeps updates prompt and speeds up information dissemination.

5. Wordswag & Typorama

Because we are talking about visual content on Instagram, these are two powerful tools to edit your photos with. You won’t be needing another graphic designer with your stylish apps! Wordswag and Typorama gives you the chance to quickly place and customize texts to embellish your images with. In just minutes, you can create beautiful and artistic photos that you can post on your feed using their typomatic engine. In addition to it, there are numerous quotations, puns, thoughts, and inspirational notes that you can actually use for your captions.

6. Repost

The greatest contents of all time deserve to be reposted. So does everything worth re-sharing. To cut it short, reposting is inevitable and consequential in your consumers’ whole Instagram journey. Hence, the Repost app. This allows you to display photos and videos again while giving the credits to the original Instagrammer. This one’s a must-have! Not only will it make your followers feel something again, but you will give value to them on a different level (this time) once more. #Marketing!

7. SproutSocial

They say SproutSocial has it all, when it comes to social media management. Through its scheduling and publishing features, it provides knowledge to the business owners like you about the right strategies to use and which ones to discard when promoting your materials on your accounts. Isn’t it ideal and preferable to manage and monitor different accounts all at once? With SproutSocial, you can save time and energy as you focus on developing a strategic plan with all the data you have gathered about your followers.

8. Afterlight

Afterlight is one of those creative apps that leave you breathless when it comes to artistry. Take your photo editing into a whole new level with this tool! It offers a wide-ranged library of organic filters and minimalist designs. It gives you the freedom to use the tools that come with it in whichever way you want. Remember, you are the artist here! With 128 frames, 78 natural textures, and 74 unique filters, be unstoppable in branding your Instagram!

9. Hootsuite

With a team managing multiple accounts of your business, Hootsuite is highly recommended. It delegates tasks to each member of the team that when he logs in, he would see which responses he must address, nonrepetitive and too specific. Thus, harmony settles within the group. There is also a messaging feature that allows members to send messages privately to one another; it is most helpful when people are in different locations. Using this app, you can do cross-platform, too. That is, if you also want to promote on other social media sites (which is effective in reaching an extensive number of the audience). Overall, it is a management tool that finds prospects and serves customers. Great tool!

Integrating utility of the best and most useful tools in your marketing strategy on Instagram will crush the results! Keep the faith and hard work and witness your business grow the right and awesome way! Good luck!

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