8 Instagram Content Hacks Shared By Top Brands

8 Instagram Content Hacks Shared By Top Brands

Instagram’s power lies in imagery. Its users habitually look for something to feed their visual hunger with. In order to leverage this social media platform for your successful business marketing, you will need to use that ‘power’ and mine gold from it. Today, people are getting more particular with what they take in. It’s also important to put in mind that human attention span is incessantly dwindling. Remedy: Substantial content in less time!

How do you do that? In this article, you will learn 8 Instagram best practices used by the biggest brands to grow their businesses. Take note of them to enhance your imagery gimmicks and boost up your engagement stats! Let’s proceed!

Hack #1: Post an Experience

To experience is better than to solely see a product. Don’t you think?

You would have your followers going back and forth your account to check if they will experience something new and exciting through your content. Imagine yourself coming across a stiff photo of a branded running shoes and a video that shows an experience about how that pair of shoes is used in a morning jog. Which of the two would prompt you to tap a heart or comment on? Which do you think would get a higher number of engagements?

GoPro, with their tagline “The world’s most versatile action cameras” is one of the most known brands in the photography industry. When it comes to content marketing strategy, GoPro sees to it that it gives a sense of taste to its audience about owning and using the products it sells. And clear as day, you will understand why it has over 15 million Instagram followers who loyally participate in their posts.


Their feed is a gallery of thrilling adventures. GoPro lets you ride huge waves in Australia, fly over the pyramids of Egypt and ski in Oregon. They even give out photography awards to those who share their picturesque entries using GoPro products! What a treat!

This content strategy is called prioritizing experience over product. You can also try this on your Instagram business account!

Hack #2: Know What Your Audience Wants

As the old saying goes, “you cannot please everybody”.

The key to attracting more and more spectators is to form a loyal and strong group of following. What does that mean? You can’t expect all Instagram users to buy on whatever you ply them with. No, that won’t happen. The trick is to know those who are interested in your content, discover what they need and want, serve them with it, and make them stay no matter what.

Once you unravel what appeals to them, it will be very easy to give that to them. Or maybe you can do better than that. Exceed their expectations. Surprise them! In that way, they will help you build your name as they pass on great feedback about your content and products.

A great idea of keeping up with your audience is collaborating with Instagram’s biggest influencers who they really love. Seeing their idols wear or own products you sell will create an irresistible impulse to buy the merch as well.

Police Lifestyle practices this Instagram content hack pretty well. They feature famous media influencers with their items and gain an incredible recognition and involvement rates.


After deciding on who those influencers are, start incorporating your brand to their names. It’s a win-win situation on both parties. When that happens, be consistent! Your followers will be able to faithfully identify with the brand you are introducing to them. You don’t want them to get confused in the middle of the way.

Hack #3: Discover Creative Artists

Do you know why people today are becoming better critics? It is because the level of artistry outmatches itself day by day. Art is undeniably growing more inventive and original. This is good news to the world of marketing. Younger, fresher and more organic ideas can be generated for your business content. Why don’t you hire an artist for a professional and competitive visual material?

Creative talents are present everywhere. Take for an example, at local events, you would meet different photographers, graphic artists and copywriters who are like hidden gems waiting to be unearthed. Entrust them with your brand and let them do all the creative work.

Aside from hiring a virtuoso, you can also try organizing virtual contests for your followers. Invite them to share brand-related original content and give away prizes for the best ideas. You can actually award the winners with your products!

A much simpler way to do it is post an image of the giveaway then ask your followers to tag their friends on the comment section.


Hack #4: Appeal to Emotion

One way to do content marketing is to entice viewers with good aesthetics. Another way is to appeal to their emotion.

Raising awareness and helping the indigent people are good subjects for Instagram feed. Going for users’ emotions will be an effortless way to connect with them.

An example of this is Toms Shoe Company. It has launched its One for One model campaign in 2006. For every pair of shoe bought, is another pair given to someone in need. Check out this photo:


Blake Mycoskie, founder of Toms had witnessed the struggles of children in Argentina as they grow up without shoes. He initiated to address their need and according to the company website, “help advance health, education and economic opportunity for children and their communities”.

Today, other companies, both start-ups and luxurious brands adapt this campaign as well. It is selling your products for a cause, and encouraging the citizens of Instagram to help contribute to and promote your movement.

Hack #5: Crowdsource

There can be a lot of struggles in content creation. But remember, two is better than one. The more heads to do brainstorming, the more you will get a better quantity and quality to store up in your content database.

Are you familiar with Lenovo’s #ihackedlife content? They encouraged their followers to share useful techy tricks and hacks for this campaign. And… voila! They just did crowdsourcing. You can coax your loyal followers to participate in this type of activity as well. You’ll be surprised with brimming ideas for your content planning. Plus, your followers’ followers would low-key promote your brand as they associate their posts with your account. This is also called User-Generated Content.

Lenovo successfully did it. They got quality concepts worth posting and reached new audiences.

#IHackedLife results:


Hack #6: Tell a Compelling Story

Web savvy and people in general are completely hooked by compelling stories. We are all quick to feel for others and be human. Stories cannot easily forgotten especially when told very well.

Giving value to your current followers is a prerequisite of getting more. You can try to lock their attention with amazing real-life narratives or reflection stories that will leave them reckoning about life and other important matters. People are more engaged in businesses that actually make them feel something.

Take Humans of New York as an example:


Who doesn’t know Humans of NY? They are one of the most viral accounts on Instagram due to the human stories they share on their feed. The primary practice that they do is relate to their audience via the content they post. Raw, real and revitalizing stories.

You can incorporate an entrancing narrative to your inventive photos. Just tell a story naturally. Let the statistics accelerate.

Hack #7: Keep Your Content Relevant

When you spot an entertaining or a meaningful content, don’t you just want to share it with family and friends? That should be your content goal.

Make sure you can keep up with the ongoing trends and shifts. You don’t wanna be left behind with no one. You wanna go with the digital flow while standing out with your exceptional content. Likes, comments and shares give birth to new followers. New expectant followers. Serve them with the latest, hottest, trending visual content!

To stay relevant, check out these 3 ways: 

  1. Work on seasonal content.

  2. Plot your events on a calendar.

  3. Be in the loop of trends

Hack #8: Let Them Play!

Cultivate and keep users’ attention by challenging them on little Instagram contests or fun games on your posts. Give away rewards and incentives and they’ll surely engage. Create a “caption contest” where they will be the ones to write copies for your products or services. Winners deserve treats! Brew excitement in them.

In conducting Instagram competitions, set firm deadlines so your followers will be prompted to take an immediate action--to participate.

The value of your incentives or prizes should properly correspond to the scale of your contests. You wouldn’t want your set competitions to be ignored by the users because it is overrated.

Offering gift cards like how Staples did it will be more rewarding for you audience. Of course, it will depend on the type and size of your competitions. But indeed, Staples nailed it! They gained more engagements on this post.


More than keeping an eye on your brand’s growth and success on Instagram, try to revel in the process of building it. All the content strategies, marketing and management--love the work and you will not see it as taxing or toilsome. Carry buckets of patience with you throughout your journey and heaps of perseverance. You will arrive at your place of triumph at the right time. What’s most important is you give value to your audience as you follow Instagram’s best practices.

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