Expand Your Reach by Creating High-Quality Instagram Content

Expand Your Reach by Creating High-Quality Instagram Content

Sometimes, quality becomes so underrated. With social media freedom, there are a lot of users, and sadly, businesses too, who keep on binge-uploading posts but fail to create high-quality content. Quality still matters over quantity today, especially in content marketing on Instagram.

What kind of content catches the fast-moving eye and freezes the fast-scrolling thumb? Read on!

Engagement-worthy content can be generated in a myriad of ways. You can capture or record your own material OR you can do strategic research. How you do it, where you can find stuff for your feed and what needs to be considered in utilizing them will be discussed in the rest of this article. Design tips are also included within each step to help you come up with your own aesthetic feed trademark.


How to Create High-Quality Instagram Content

Shooting for your own content? No problem! Here’s a quick and effective game plan for you:

  1. Do your content planning.

The paramount step in doing your Instagram content planning right is to know the who, what, why and how that form your brand. Who is your audience? What do they want to see? What is your brand about and what content aligns with the brand you are building? How do you give value to your audience? Why do you need to expand your reach?


Answering all these questions will draw you to a clever content plan. Thus, you will be able to cater to the right type of content. Taking calculated risks with prudent planning will save you a lot of time and effort.

Name your target niche and audience. Focus all your energy and wisdom on delivering the best content for it. Don’t look away, don’t get sidetracked by mixing it up with another, this will slow down your brand’s progress.

Start writing your content list for a week, then for a month. Plan out how you can get content for multiple posts in a day of shoot. Use your time wisely!

2. Shoot your photos or videos accordingly.

The good news about existing in today’s generation is that you no longer need fancy, gigantic, and too technical cameras in order to shoot your own materials for content marketing. Thanks to the inventors and developers of smartphones that can capture in high definition quality. But if you own a mirrorless camera or a DSLR, you can unquestionably use that as well. Your call!


In shooting, while it is extremely important to follow your shot list, do not hinder yourself from exploring and experimenting. Sometimes great ideas pop in the middle of the activity, at the peak of the momentum. Welcome those juices of creativity and store them in your pot of content.

One tip that you should always keep in your mind is to take as many photos as possible. Again, don’t limit yourself, you’re not paying for every shot you can take, so feel free to click unstoppably! Try shooting in different angles, lighting, composition, distance, etc. Pick the best among all your materials and keep others for future use.

Screenshot 2019-04-01 18.41.16.png

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3. Use powerful tools in the post-process.

Let’s admit it. The editing phase is where the magic happens. No matter how flawlessly taken your raw photo is, post-processing it will definitely make it more sophisticated! Who does not give in to a unique and remarkable aesthetic?

Now, you should make yours as well.


One of your Instagram brand’s strongest marketing factor is the aesthetic of your content. What’s pleasing to the eyes holds its attention. So, work out on your aesthetic by learning from different experts then discovering and creating your own--of course, in accordance with your brand.

Adobe Lightroom is a genius software that offers a number of presets you can use if you’re still practicing your mad editing skills. But if you’re an expert, you can still use this along with many other options for adjustments like saturation, vibrance, exposure, contrast, clarity, highlights, color hues, etc. There are also other apps like VSCO and Picsart for editing and creating.  

4. Post strategically.

Time for posting! It can be the easiest among the four steps but it requires attention to detail. You don’t just do posting. Remember, you are doing strategic posting. At the best times of the day, with the best captions--all for your target audience.

Do not post the same content in different angles. Or the similar-looking images side by side. It bores the viewers and makes them uninterested.

Some tools that can help you with scheduling posts are Buffer, Hootsuite and Sendible. Aside from scheduling, they have other features for productivity and social media management that you can use.

And if you are going for creative research, here’s a set of useful tips:

  1. Make use of available and free-of-charge templates.

Not everybody is a Photoshop master and that’s okay. There are tons of user-friendly apps which have already done the heavy-lifting for you! Graphic templates are scattered all over the web and the only thing you’ll need is an eye for beauty. Select the splendidly created template that best fits the image of your brand.


Online design tools are: Canva, Figma, Crello and many others. Here is an example of an Instagram post template from Canva for blog promotions:

Simple yet adorable. Your followers are always curious if you serve them with interesting designs with a unifying color palette.

2. Search for professional, royalty-free photos.

Otherwise known as stock photos, these are royalty-free images that can be reused for commercial purposes. If you don’t have the luxury of time to take high-quality photos on your own, you can look them up on the internet, free to use. Some might be terrible, so make sure you’ll pick only the most wonderful shots.

Websites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Stocksnap offer a variety of galleries where you can get photos you can use for your content. Type in your niche on the search box and choose from the feed of the most amazing photos they can give you.


3. Use different formats.

Instagram provides disparate features that allow users to post in different forms. Photos, boomerangs, GIFs, videos (also in slow motion and backtracks), and a lot more. If you try the carousel post, it’s like posting a photo album that holds a maximum of 10 photos. Through videos, you can come up with a teaser about the products or content you sell. It can also be a 60-second tutorial or demonstration of application/usage. Always keep in mind that the goal is to increase and make your followers stay by accommodating them with the right type of content.

Here’s an example of GIF Instagram post by H&M:

giphy (3).gif

GIFs give a wow factor to your audience. Sometimes, even just a cute and funny simple GIF like this from Winnie the Pooh can stir up interaction. GIF is an interactive, traffic-driving format. Why not use it for your brand?

4. Repurpose content of other brands belonging to the same niche as yours.

As you get busy with other business-related matters, there just really comes a point wherein you get either a creative block, or a lack of time to produce content from scratch all over again. So here’s your solution! Chances are, businesses of the same niche as yours have their own content to post or publish. Reposting from other accounts that can be related to your brand is an activity acceptable and helpful in developing your brand, content and reach. But remember, you must give credits to the rightful owner of the content. And, there is a proper way of doing that.

Here’s how to do it in three steps:

  • Discover content by following hashtags & exploring other accounts

  • Communicate your request to repost content to the owner and politely ask for permission.

  • Once permitted, share the post to your own feed. You can save it from Instagram through the use of a desktop computer, or you can use the Instagram Repost app.

5. Run a user-generated content campaign.

UGC or User-Generated Content is a form of online subject matter created and proposed by your followers that you can include in your gallery or feed. This is a great way of discovering and addressing what content they are actually interested in and which posts they engage in. As they obliquely suggest content of their personal preference, you will gain an idea about what your future posts should look like or feel like.

It is explained as “any content created by users of any products or services about those particular products/services, with or without encouragement from the brand themselves.” This can be product or services reviews. Though these people would normally ask for incentives unless you already have established your business name in that specific industry.

Guess what, that best way to do UGC campaign is through an online competition. Think of something that will make your followers participate in. Probably, that one user who can give the best catchy description for a product you sell will receive a cash prize or a discount! Use your company and business hashtags in order to expand your audience reach as you cross-promote via other social media platforms.

6. Collaborate with influencers.

The last and final step would be, collaborating with those users who can help you bring the good news to the majority. Influencers will make it easy for you to connect even with those people whom you don’t have connections with. The best result of this step aside from spreading your content and being known is gaining thousands of followers! With less budget, you can coordinate with powerful micro-influencers on Instagram.

In addition to that, you can also use a credible and reliable tool from the world of social growth: WeGrowSocial. It offers affordable packages that will grow your brand, whatever your niche is. If you can make yourself one of the best influencers in the world, why not take a chance? You have found the right team. WeGrowSocial will assuredly drive you towards your brand’s goals and build your social influence.


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