Optimizing Your Instagram Bio

Optimizing Your Instagram Bio


It might seem too small to be significant, but your Instagram bio is one of the first things a potential follower sees, and one of your most important opportunities to make a good impression. Your bio is the perfect place to make your profile feel professional while still including CTAs that can grab the viewer’s attention. Our tips below will guide you on how to write a bio that will make Instagram users hit follow without thinking twice.

List out your goals

You’d be surprised how much you can include in so few characters. It’s best to start with a direction, so before you write a word, consider the main things you’re trying to accomplish in your bio. Here are a couple of goals to keep in mind:

  • define your business

  • convey what your business does

  • have a call to action

  • include information for customers to find you

  • showcase your personality

Select just two or three goals you want to target, and form your bio around them.

Use all features

Especially as a business, Instagram offers a lot of features for your biography. Make sure you check all the boxes:

  • Website. This is one of the only places in Instagram where you can have an active link, so make sure you choose your website or most important resource. Active links are the most common way a potential customers click through for more information. It’s an important opportunity, so make sure to utilize this feature.

  • Contact info. Instagram now has call-to-action buttons for business accounts, where your contact info is immediately available for customers to click on and reach out. Fill out all your contact information for call-to-action buttons and the body of your bio; even your physical address can be included and linked to a map.

  • Business type. Business profiles can also choose a “category”, which is key to immediately indicating what kind of business you have without having to use your 150 characters.

Consider hashtags and profile links

If your company is spread out on multiple accounts, you can now link to other handles for followers to immediately find them without searching. This is especially beneficial if none or only some of your accounts are verified, as it proves that the accounts are officially associated. Further, if you have a specific brand hashtag, use it to connect with your customers and make sure you keep that front and center. 

Pick your style

There are a variety of directions to take in order to make a successful bio, and all of them can be effective. The only catch is that your bio should match the style and feel of your business. Does your brand have a specific aesthetic? Voice? Design? Choose what makes the most sense for you and your audience. Your bio may be minimalist, feature a tagline or quote, Separate statements with whitespace or bullets, or use fun emojis; it’s all in how you want your business to be seen.

Keep it personal

Use your bio to introduce yourself or what you stand for. Many social media accounts find success when it’s clear there’s a person behind them, because it offers connection and a human element. If you aren’t a one-man or one-woman show, giving a nod to the founder or the mods are a great way to put a face with your account. Just a simple link to their personal Instagram should do.

Stand out

What descriptive phrases can you use to show that showcase your unique features? Include little pieces of information that make your brand or company stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t have to be much, just a few words or unique phrases can help you seem fun and relatable.

Encourage followers to go beyond Instagram

Your page isn’t doing its job if your followers never see you outside of the app. Social media is for exposure, right? Shouldn’t everything lead back to business? Encourage your followers to search for you and interact with you beyond the platform. If you have any involvement with other media (like being featured on a show, podcast, or in a magazine), your bio is a great place to shout that out and draw your follower’s eye to other places. 

Make sure your website or physical location is clear, and consider giving a little encouragement to get your followers there. Update your bio when there are sales going on or new product launches to spark interest and drive traffic to your site. Maybe you’re partnering with another popular company and want to link to them, or you post a special deal or discount code for your Instagram followers. However you can ultimately encourage those interacting with you on Instagram to interact with you off Instagram, put it in the bio.

You have 150 characters: make them count. Use the professional tools Instagram has made available to you and match the bio to the business. Take the time and craft your bio into the best first impression and representation of your company that you can make.

Expand Your Reach by Creating High-Quality Instagram Content

Expand Your Reach by Creating High-Quality Instagram Content